Sub-Conscience Exercise

imaginationIn this audio, walk with Jackie as he does his daily affirmations. This affirmation session is what I call my sub-conscious exercise. I practice this exercise every day. It reminds my sub-conscience who I am and believe myself to be.

Feed your sub-conscience with positive affirmations daily. Starting a day off this way can be of great benefit.

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Sub-Conscience Exercise

The Cartess Ross Story

carlCartess Ross is a successful Internet Marketer and has made a career creating profitable websites. He is a skilled businessman who continues to expand his thinking, manifesting the life he desires to live. Let’s welcome Cartess to Increase Your Mind Program.

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The Cartess Ross Story 

Jackie Interviewed By Cartess Ross

jackwilIn this interview Jackie talks to Cartess Ross on the changes that has happen in his life. He talks about the Laws of Nature and the importance of knowing and living his life in accordance with theses laws that has been put in place by our Creator.

In their discussion you will hear about the three aspects of man The Spirit, The Intellects and also the Physical or Material world. You will also understand why Jackie say that we are Co-creators of our own world and much more…

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The Cartess Ross Interview With Jackie Wilson

Discovering Your Success Mechanism

A person accomplishes his  goal by going forward, making errors, and continually correcting them. By continually scanning and correcting the errors  in the project at hand. He  feels his way to his goal.

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Your Success Mechanism


26 Daily Positive Affirmations For Success

Walk with me as I walk through my daily affirmations. I repeat these affirmation every morning to start my day. They are big part of the foundation of my day and it has increase my mind and my success.

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26 Daily Positive Daily Affirmation For Success